mercredi 28 avril 2010


Dear Friends

Many emails are sent to me daily asking questions about where to study Molecular Gastronomy, and I have to answer :
1. Each year, the Courses on Molecular Gastronomy are given in Paris (in French), generally in January. The idea is to give the result of one year of work focused on a particular topic

2. If you want Molecular Gastronomy plus various topics around (historical gastronomy, sociological gastronomy, neurophysiology of taste, etc.) then don't miss the Hautes Etudes du Goût, where the courses are in English

3. I am happy to tell you that the new curriculum of AgroParisTech will include a modulus on "Physical Chemistry for Formulation", with Molecular Gastronomy in it

4. Also, with colleagues from Italy, Ireland, Sweden, and participation from friends from various other countries, we are building an Erasmus Mundus programme including Molecular Gastronomy. We do the preparation job, and we cross the fingers.

5. And finally, we are now in progress for the creation of a Professorship of Molecular Gastronomy at ParisTech. We cross the fingers, again.

Vive la gourmandise éclairée!

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